If you wish to correspond with me

First, though this might risk some spam, my email is:

hgl@voila.fr *
hgl@dr.com *

For security reasons it is not the account which is tied to my blogger account.

Second, here is the deal:

1) our correspondence is going to be published, I decide when, as to my blog, you decide when, as to your blog or other publication, my laziness or a real strong reason given why not to publish a correspondence might occasionally deter me;

2) I have a deal I offer blog readers (most of my blogs being own articles, only my material) about republishing my articles in paper format for sale: it is appreciated if you also give permission to those wanting to do so;

3) obviously, as hinted in 1, you have as much a right to publish the correspondence as I do.

4) In case you give permission for republishing on paper commercially, it would be appropriate to include contact information for publishers, so they can reach you about the part you want of the incomes, and where to send it. I reserve the right not to publish on my blog conditions of sending to nonpersonal entities (juridical as opposed to physical persons) which I consider per se immoral, like promoting atheism or abortion or contraception (a physical person would only be accidentally immoral if doing that: his being the person he is and having the bank account he has is not forcing him to continue in the bad way).

5) The conditions valid for my blogs of own production, and hopefully to be ratified by correspondents published on this blog, are laid out in the following pages:

deretour: De retour + conditions d'utilisations ultérieures + régistre français
a linea : A little note on further use conditions

That was a blog with articles mainly purely my own copyright, the other one is from a blog which like this one is for articles with mainly shared copyright:

Assorted retorts from yahoo boards and elsewhere : Copyright issues on blogposts with shared copyright

This little direction about corresponding with me was written and from my side ratified:

In the Bibliothèque publique d'information (Bpi/Georges Pompidou),

On the 17th Sunday after Pentecost which is also Martyrdom of St Placidus with companions, October 5th of the Year of Our Lord 2014:

Hans Georg Lundahl

* Update Octave of Epiphany 2016 : former adress ceased a few days ago, email provider was closed down./HGL

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