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With Dwight on Fundies, Again

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Me to Dwight
08/12/15 à 10h27
This is Why I tend not to adress you as Father
Longenecker, here is what you wrote on on Fundamentalists and Progressives:

Above all both types believe themselves to be right. This is what we call pride. This is not just a sickness. It is sin. The devil never. Never. Never for all eternity will admit that he was wrong.

Though pride will make one unwilling to admit one was wrong (no one, presumably, ever fully admits he is wrong about sth he still is holding to : the moment you admit it is wrong, you have put it in the past and are admitting you WERE wrong), so will truth, clarity and being right.

I agree. Fundamentalism is a sickness, but that depends of your definition of fundamentalism. I’d say fundamentalism has several characteristics.

Are all of them sick? Does one occur without the other ones or without some other ones, and is it then not sick?

Let us take them, one by one:

  • "First is an extreme literalism about religion and religious texts and teachings."

    This is indeed the very first thing people think of when they hear the word fundamentalism.

    Someone who is saying "fundamentalism is a sickness" will most often be taken as saying "it is sick to be extremely literal about religious texts and teachings.

  • "This is also combined with legalism–in which adherence to the moral code and strict rules become the be all and end all of the religion."

    If by extreme legalism you mean a firm no to contraception and abortion and divorce and remarriage, well, Fundies and Catholics go together among Progressive Protestants as being stamped as having this sickness. If it were one.

  • "Thirdly, fundamentalism is also marked by a tendency to paranoia, blaming others and eventually scapegoating others."

    If Fundamentalism is in today's society a minority, I don't see how this is totally avoidable. At least an unpopular minority. Not a cool minority.

    When Christians were a minority among Pagans, they were both unpopular and cool depending on before whom, but they were at leat sufficiently unpopular to be persecuted from time to time.

    Were they blaming Pagans? Yes. Were they right in blaming Pagans? Yes.

  • "Fourthly, fundamentalism has a fortress mentality in which those on the inside are the true, right and righteous believers. Those on the outside are infidels, apostates, heretics, the damned and the lost."

    You have described very accurately:

    • Early Christians among Jews and Idolaters,
    • Medieval Catholics facing Mohammetans, Jews and the new batch of Heretics that arose after year thousand : Petrobrussians, Albigensians, Valdensians.
    • Counter Reform Catholics facing Reformers and the Tyrants helping them, and later also a new rise of Jewry plus of course the Secret Societies, and the Revolutions (from English 1640's to Russian 1917 and beyond).

    How marked the fortress mentality is, depends on how much one is required to confront oneself with those outside. But it was always there. If you call this is sickness, you are agreeing with Swinburne's curse on the pale Galileean.

    If you object that people like Chesterton were very genial, well, Chesterton was also very much a fortress mentality man. It does not always go with chronical anger or fear.

  • "Fifthly, fundamentalism is, as a result of all this, an unhappy, frightened and often angry place to be."

The social situation of being stamped as sick is also an unhappy, frightened or angry place to be.

So, supposing fundamentalism were a sickness, stamping a fundamentalist as sick because of it is making the sickness worse. Or at least the occasion for it.

Thus, you are inciting people in general to treat Fundamentalists in such a way as to provoke, if possible, fear, loathing of your company, anger at not getting rid of it and so on.

The situation does not always have this effect on the victims of such a trial.

If I rejected Ratzinger twice over, because he bowed down to Psychiatric diagnoses and that sham expertise, namely 2006 in the fourteenth world day of health and 2010 after he had "forgiven" Susana Maiolo, but put her in mental hospital for a week, why should this self erection into super shrink on Bergoglio's side make him any more acceptable than Ratzinger was?

I had and have a soft spot for Ratzinger, even while rejecting him as Pope or Pope Emeritus. I had to the last moment hoped he would call some kind of counsil to find out who was Pope if there was one, instead of presuming without further investigation that Alejandro IX, Michael, what's the name of the current Palmarian - yes, another Gregory, Gregorio XVIII - were just to be ignored. Since he has left off papacy and no longer prolongs the guilt of posing as a Pope while not teaching Catholicism, I hope for his salvation. But the gestures about World Day of Health and Susana Maiolo told me he was not promoting accurate Catholicism.

Nor are you. The KIND of things you consider as sicknesses are actually the KIND of things that are either virtuous or sinful, that are actus humani and not actus hominis (a man sleeps or sneezes - an actus hominis - a man makes a valid confession, an actus humanus). Therefore you have lost the compass.

And I mean that in a moral sense, not in a "pathological" one. You are, like Bergoglio, inciting to consider Fundamentalists as "he has an impure spirit" - in the modern counterpart. Even if you are pretending to yourself that you can reserve sanity for a small middle strip, with equal pathologisation of the other side, of the progressives. Modern society is NOT buying that, it IS progressive and therefore will not treat them as mental cases, just because you say so.

Hans Georg Lundahl
Nanterre University Library
Immaculate Conception of the BVM

PS, you are in fact basically endorsing the criminal behaviour of Norway which just took away five children from a couple (Norwegian mother, Roumanian father) for them giving the children "a Christian indoctrination"./HGL

Dwight to me
No answer in mail.

Was based on post of his:
Standing on my head : Is Fundamentalism a Sickness?
December 4, 2015 by Fr. Dwight Longenecker

Page 2 : Is Fundamentalism a Sickness?

Me to Dwight
16/12/15 à 10h03
Are you trying to ruin me, or what?
"In fact none of these labels work because, of course there are plenty of conservative Catholics who aren’t rabid anti Semitic, flat earth fundamentalist crazies."

Give me one fundamentalist among Catholics today who is flat earth.

I personally corrected James Hannam who had suggested that Church Fathers were taking liberties with literal inerrantism when accepting roundness of Earth.

As for the rest, well, guess if I am NOT a happy man when so many want to isolate me from potential readers, while I am a writer.

I have study loan debts for five years or so of study loans (I have exams for five years and one week, spent more years, read more than I needed for exams, though not always on same subject) and stepping down to streetsweeper with such a debt to pay is not really offering any prospectives of a decent life.

Meanwhile people like you, demonising fundamentalism, are doing what they can to keep me not read by blog readers and ultimately also not by book readers who would pay for paper format and thereby help me give something back to dear old Sundsvall - a city which centralises study loans in Sweden.

And you suggest that if I am joyless it is all because I am a fundie?!

Give me a break!

"So think the best, give them the benefit of the doubt, don’t argue, wish them well and be at peace."

Well, let us put it like this, if there is one thing you learn from Academia, apart from subject, it is arguing. Except me, I learnt it earlier from C. S. Lewis, things like Fern-Seed and Elephants.

Telling people not to argue with me is like raising a plague flag.

Hans Georg Lundahl

Dwight to me
No answer in mail.

Was based on post of his:
Standing on my head : The Discontented Catholics
December 15, 2015 by Fr. Dwight Longenecker

Me to Dwight
17/12/15 à 09h40
Just in case you imagined sth - I am NOT "deeply saddened"
I am not deceiving you, if you were here and were telling me those things about me, you would risk a whiplash or sth worse.

That enemies* of the faith give me as rough a time as they can, perhaps I am too patient, perhaps not. But when I see a priest (or supposed such, Pope Michael thinks even Father Hesse was not really a priest) who is giving water to their treadmill, I am not "saddened", I am not "deeply concerned", I am fuming.

And your line about discontented Catholics yesterday is precisely doing their work./HGL

* Open and declared such - Mahometans, Protestants especially Huguenot, thinking I am too rough on the Cévennols, thinking I ought to agree on their version of the Calas case, which I do not, Atheists and Pantheists and other Marxists, Jewry with a "declared scepsis" about the Faith ... you know what I mean.

Dwight to me
No answer in mail.

Was based on post of his:
Standing on my head : I’m Saddened. Deeply Saddened. Not.
October 22, 2013 by Fr. Dwight Longenecker 50 Comments

A post which I most providentially found when asking myself why there were no answers.

And if Dwight is a priest, or even (despite heresies) a pious man, his prayers may have sth to do with the decisions of God.

Other post by Dwight
Standing on my head : Why I Converted to the Catholic Faith
December 29, 2015 by Fr. Dwight Longenecker
Yes, there were actually lots of different groups. The uncomfortable problem for the Protestants is that these different sects were identified by the apostolic church as heretics and schismatics.
Now, non-literal belief or literal non-belief in Genesis, where were they found?

Non-literal belief about six days, in favour of one-moment creation, was found in the Apostolic Church - along with literal belief.

But literal non-belief (and frankly, believing in millions of years is MUCH closer to literal non-belief than to non-literal belief) in Genesis was ONLY found in certain of the sects that St Irenee stamped as heretical.

Not sent
As a separate mail. You saw how he treated the other three mails. No answer. If he bases this on my calling him a heretic in an earlier mail (will be published in other post) ... well, he could have tried to defend himself? I mean, what I wrote is here as that other letter, an attack on what he represents as claiming to be a "Catholic" priest.

With Olduvai on Levels

HGL to Olduvai project
4-X-2014, c. 15:00
Info on Levels at Olduvai
On Laetoli, by wiki, I found two levels marked by biostratigraphy, two dated by potassium argon, five (including one separation between two levels of same name) without any direct dating at all.

So, if you have any corresponding info about levels in Olduvai, and would care to share it, I would appreciate.

Hans Georg Lundahl

Olduvai project to HGL
No answer, even 14 months to 15 months later.

Monday, 14 December 2015

Lettres sans réponse, à Clichy et à l'Ambassade d'Ukraine

1) New blog on the kid : Intrigues contre lecture de mes blogs en France?, 2) Dominance d'Ukraine, Absence de France, ça Continue?, 3) Ukraine toujours la référence pour les lecteurs français?, 4) Mais pourquoi la Russie voudrait-elle lire justement mes blogs tellement? , 5) Et les autres blogs? En suédois, allemand, sur sujets autres, vieux?, 6) Correspondance de Hans Georg Lundahl : Lettres sans réponse, à Clichy et à l'Ambassade d'Ukraine, 7) New blog on the kid : Et Somme Tout, Aujourd'hui?, 8) Et maintenant?

Clichy à moi
02/12/15 à 17h13
Accusé de réception : Contactez-nous

Vous avez laissé un message sur le formulaire contactez nous. Nous vous en remercions. Il sera transmis au service concerné. Nous vous ferons un retour dans les plus brefs délais. Cordialement

[Le texte de mon message n'est pas copié, il est un peu la même question que la lettre suivante, en plus d'un aveu où j'ai mis les URL par colle, et une question si les Clichois sont très ukrainiens, en moins la référence aux Juifs.]

[J'avais aussi émis l'attente que d'un sdf la mairie n'allait pas exiger une amende, vue l'impossibilité de la payer. Je n'avais pas prévu ce genre de bloccade, comme il semble d'être au lieu d'un procès.]

Moi à l'Ambassadeur d'Ukraine à Paris
02/12/15 à 17h23
Bonjour, votre excellence, vous connaissez les Ukrainiens mieux que moi, j'imagine
Or, il m'est un peu mystérieux pourquoi:

  • 1) j'annonce les URL de mes blogs en France
  • 2) j'ai davantage de lecteurs en Ukraine qu'en France (je ne me suis jamais, que je sache, déplacé en Ukraine)
  • 3) et les lecteurs en Ukraine ne semblent pas très avides de transmettre la lecture à leurs potes français.

J'ai une petite théorie, elle n'est pas totalement belle.

La France est assez Marxiste, culturellement. Le Marxisme a des racines dans la juiverie, spécifiquement celle de l'empire des Czars (dont aussi la juiverie d'Ukraine), et eux ils veillent, avec leurs camarades ici en France, pour que mes blogs ne deviennent pas une menace à "l'orthodoxie marxiste", notemment en ce qui concerne son adhésion à l'évolutionnisme.

Mais peut-être vous vous demandez d'où je tire ceci du lectorat, que ce soit en France ou en Ukraine?

J'ai accès à des statistiques, fournies par le logiciel même de blogger, et parfois, quand je les trouves intéressantes, je les partage en format lisible avec mes lecteurs. Voici le dernier billet depuis mon constat de suprématie ukrainienne parmi les lecteurs:

New blog on the kid : Ukraine toujours la référence pour les lecteurs français?

Croyez-moi, d'ailleurs, ce que je souhaite, ce n'est pas d'avoir moins de lecteurs en Ukraine, plutôt davantage, mais en avoir davantage en France.

Bonne lecture, d'abord, et ensuite, une réponse bien explicative est souhaitée de ma part.

Hans Georg Lundahl

Pas de lettre de réponse, ni de l'un, ni de l'autre. Par contre, au lieu de domination d'Ukraine, c'est maintenant domination de la Russie. Et dépuis, aussi le mur de la part de Silveren777 - non ce message dans le lien ne vas pas tout au bout de nos débats, il reste un peu, mais le débat s'est séché./HGL