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Was Dwight Ever Outright Heretic? If So, it is Here I Blamed him

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Me to Dwight
13/05/15 à 10h37
This one too, Modernist Heretic!
Here* is a piece of utter blasphemous heresy, worthy of the once well known Dean Inge of sad memory:

"Instead, we should think of it like this: God is good, beautiful and true and it his nature to pour his graces into the world at all times. His goodness, truth and beauty radiates in and through his creation as the sunlight radiates into the world bring light and life to all things. This radiation of goodness, truth and beauty is never ending, all present and all powerful.

"Prayer is the means by which we join our will with His will. If you like we become the channels and directors of that goodness, truth and beauty in the world.


"We’ve all experimented with a magnifying glass to make a fire. The magnifying glass harnesses and focusses the existing sunlight for a particular purpose: to light a fire. I believe prayer works like that magnifying glass: it concentrates, focusses and magnifies God’s great power for a particular application.

"That works: Then I remember that in the Magnificat the Blessed Mother sings, “My soul magnifies the Lord…” and I wonder if this other deeper meaning is part of the mystery of her who’s whole life was a prayer."

This makes:

  • 1) God impersonal, like pantheism does, unless one prefers to say your rubbish IS pantheism;
  • 2) bypasses and in a quiet way actually does away with God's being all knowing.

Bruce Almighty might be bad, but not half as bad as your text.

Repent or go to Hell.

THIS rubbish is certainly NOT what I intended to convert to when leaving Swedish Church for Catholicism, indeed, it is kind of what I hated about Modernist Lutherans even while technically being one myself.

If you want a debate, that is fine, and if you want to be "mature", do that not by fudging theology, but by defending or recanting your theses. Feel free to suspend my warning (which is btw not an ecclesiastic superior one, I am not pretending to be your bishop or pope) until debate is over, when I hope you might be doing sth better than chosing the Hellfire.

Your "other deeper meaning" is heresy and adding heresy to a word with Marian connexion, especially one by Herself, is also insulting to Our Lady.

Hans Georg Lundahl
from Nanterre University Library
on St Robert Bellarmine
(and Our Lady of Fatima, by now?)

* How Does God Answer Prayer?

So, if above is heresy, where is truth? Here:
God grants prayers as He wishes. How pleasing a person is to Him is certainly part of why He wishes or not to do so. But any event He is perfectly free to grant even the worst prayer, as to the quality of soul praying and of attitude in prayer, and to deny any prayer, even the best, except He will not do that to prayers of His Blessed Mother. God wants us, but does not need us, to prepare the arrival of His goodness by praying and by praying well and by being in the state of grace while praying.

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