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Thursday, November 07, 2013 7:11 AM
Hilda archaeological site (Canada: Alberta)
On wikipedian list of fossil sites, it is listed without specification of era, epoch or period, so is it mixed or purely, say ... Cretaceous (after seeing the Centrosaurus in the article), or have you not yet decided between Cretaceous, Triassic or Jurassic?

Hans-Georg Lundahl
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07/11/13 à 23h32
Hilda archaeological site (Canada: Alberta)

The Hilda mega-bonebed is in the Dinosaur Park Formation, which is about 76-75 million years old. So, it is from the Late Cretaceous.

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From HGL to Culture Tyrrell Info
Friday 08/11/13 à 11h36
Hilda archaeological site (Canada: Alberta)
Thank you so much!

That was not noted in the wikipedia list of fossil sites!

Creation vs. Evolution : How do Fossils Superpose?

Wiki list only sorted the tables after continent, so I made an extra sorting after periods, epochs, eras ... for fossil sites with only one and for such with more than one.

You helped me to correct a misplaced item!

Hans-Georg Lundahl

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