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John Ritchie Sent Me Mail

1) HGL's F.B. writings : Mark Shea Asking For the Commenter he Blocked, 2) Correspondence of Hans-Georg Lundahl : I had replied to John Horvath II about The One %, 3) John Ritchie Sent Me Mail

John Ritchie to Hans-Georg Lundahl
date : 01/04/14 à 18h38
objet : Are You Pro-Life? Then Sign This Against Abortion
TFP Student Action
Defending Moral Values on Campus

Tell Catholic DePaul University not to host pro-abortion speaker

Dear Lundahl,

Please sign your pro-life petition here

You see, TFP Student Action hopes to deliver 20,000 petitions to DePaul University this month, urging them not to host pro-abortion Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer on their Catholic campus.

With your help, we can reach that goal.

But I couldn't find your name on our petition.

Your petition entry says: "unsigned"
So please sign it here

Let's defend the unborn.

Thank you for fighting the good fight,

John Ritchie
Tradition Family Property, Student Action
Hans-Georg Lundahl to John Ritchie
date : 02/04/14 à 13h29
objet : re: Are You Pro-Life? Then Sign This Against Abortion
My dear, TFP was promoting one book including warnings against hectic intemperance.

Hectic intemperance of consumption or of vice or of other things one should generally avoid being hectically intemperate about are possibly sometimes due to compensation for other hectic factors.

Like I find it a wee bit hectic to be told "Are You Pro-Life? Then Sign This Against Abortion".

I am pro-life. I have signed quite a few against abortion, and may do so again.

But this is not a question of asking Belgium not to legalise abortion, this is about one Catholic University.

It is not about the university preaching abortion, but of for one occasion allowing one doing so to do so on their ground, presumably before students who have in many cases been duly warned and who know the Church's teaching and that it is not just the Church's teaching, but the natural law.

I said "presumably", this is not equal to this being necessarily so. If they had been inviting a pro-evolution speaker, I might wonder with quite a lot of worry whether they were also inviting Tas Walker or Robert Sungenis. It might have gone so far with certain universities that their stance against abortion is by now as non-extant as their stance against evolution and heliocentrism.

If you lance quite another petition that they invite the next week a pro-life speaker, I might sign. Or you may quote my words (all of relevant paragraphs) to tell them it is my idea.

But I very much resent being bullied into signing what I do not see every pro-lifer need to sign, and on top of that being that with words suggesting I am not pro-life if I do not sign.

Some people having trouble using their leasures calmly might be there because at work they have bosses of your bullying type.

Sorry, but you asked for it!

Hans-Georg Lundahl

Oh ... wait - this was an April Fools joke, right?

Sorry, you had me for a moment, even if John Horvath II didn't with the other one.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
Bibliothèque Mouffetard, Paris
St Francis of Paula

"Turonis, in Gallia, sancti Francisci de Paula Confessoris, qui Ordinis Minimorum Institutor exstitit; atque, virtutibus et miraculis clarus, a Leone Papa Decimo in Sanctorum numerum est adscriptus."
Hans-Georg Lundahl to DePaul University
date : 02/04/14 à 13h52
objet : You made an April Fools' Joke with TFP, right?
I mean, as you are a Catholic University, either you do not ask pro-abortion speakers at all, or if you do, you ask a pro-life one as well right?

Here is my reaction to the presumable April Fools' Joke:

Correspondence of Hans-Georg Lundahl : John Ritchie Sent Me Mail

I wonder how many protest mails you have harvested and laughed at!

Hans-Georg Lundahl

PS, supposing as I do it was an April Fools' Joke, and presuming your name stands for today's Saint, Happy Patron's celebration!/HGL

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