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Topic, Geocentrism and Giants : me and tektontv

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Topic, Geocentrism and Giants
Date Sts Simon and Jude, Eve for first six, Day for seventh.
On occasion of his three videos

Does it say the earth stood still, part 1 1:52 - were you referring to me?

Why noy say so?

Btw, I'll go back and enjoy the Entertainment ...
Same video: 4:24

  • 1) Was Adam instructed by God?
  • 2) Was Adam's word for Sunset and Sunrise semantically correct in all assumptions?
  • 3) Was Adam's term lost, or was there a people retaining Adam's language by not participating in Nimrod's probable Cape Canaveral type project?
  • 4) If Biblical Hebrew is identic to Adam's language, why would it use semantically wrong assumptions in describing the event?
  • 5) Or are you saying EVERYONE without exception disobeyed God in trying to build a "tower the top of which reaches into heaven"? That is not how the Church reads that text.

Video 2, 2:42, no, 2:48 looks like the list was finished.

Joshua X:12 & 13. Note, not just Joshua X:13, which could theoretically, since in narrative, be phenomenal language.

Joshua [X] 12 is the key point, since including verbatim the words of the miracle worker. Joshua [X] 13 then confirms that the miracle happened as requested by Joshua of God, as commanded by Joshua on heavenly powers.

Otherwise, you could argue that Christ telling demons to go out of possessed is "culturally phenomenal language" (it is at least not visibly phenoman language, since demons were presumably never seen). And that overturns quite a lot of Christian assumptions about veracity of God.

No part three? Then here goes for part two.

If Earth stands still, parallax is not automatically a distance measure.

If Earth stands still and no proof has come up how parallax even so would be a distance measure (and Sungenis has not so proven), then there is no reason to believe the Universe includes such distances as light years (all "further rungs" on so called cosmic distance ladder build in some way on parallax).

Then there is also no reason to believe the stars are large enough to have planets large enough to allow development of life.

In other words, no reason to believe "aliens" to be anything other than Earth based either demons or at best elves or pixies, or leprechauns, on some fancy masquerade.

If a geocentric had been allowed on the one or other video, he would have said "where are you coming from!?" to that alien.

Fee fo fum video ... sorry, but your polemics against LXX will just don't wash with a Catholic.

  • 1) If 70 or 72 Hebrews (six Levites representing each other tribe) independently were translating nephelim as gigantes, it is God's own translation to Greek.
  • 2) What they were "probably influenced by" is irrelevant.
  • 3) Who says Greek stories about Titans or Giants (two different types of giant, btw) do not reflect Biblical truth, if in a roundabout way?

    The story of Deucalion and Pyrrha reflects truth about Noah and Abraham and Lot's daughters and even Adam. If in a roundabout way and perhaps confusing with a later flood in Thessaly where protagnists were really called so.

    We cannot dismiss a concept just because it coincides with Greek mythology. That is NOT what "all their gods are demons" means.

    Example in point, however demon possessed Augustus and Tiberius and Alexander the Great may have been, the Bible treats them as men, despite them being Pagan idols. As with Nabucco.

Sarcophagus argument about Og of Bashan will not do. Two reasons. Apart of dubious interpretation of word.

  • 1) a sarcophagus was not typically twice as big as the body. Add half a foot to a foot of padding in every direction, but that would make a six foot tall man having a sarcophagus 8 feet long (at most) and leave at least 11 feet six inches on 13 ft 6 in.
  • 2) Who says Og ever got a sarcophagus! Hebrews were hardly offering him one and his own people were beaten to smithereens, leaving the territory of Bashan to Samaria or rather its predecessor Ephraim.

And even the reading ... well, I thought there was a part of a pillow piece too, but seem to have misrecalled. But it is far more likelier that he had a bed before dying than a sarcophagus after dying.

Afterthought on eretz and "shall not be moved". I am no Hebraist, but I think Eretz corresponds to Latin "terra" rather exactly :

  • 1) the whole globe, what was created just after Heaven in Genesis 1:1,
  • 2) dry land as created on day 2 or 3 (think it was 3),
  • 3) a specific country.

English would have Earth, Land, Land, French Terre, Terre, Pays.

Now, there is a reason to take this as referring precisly to the first sense, Earth as opposed to Heaven : if referring to sense two, dry land or continents, the earthquakes and by now also known or rather well guessed continental drifts would have refuted "it shall not be moved".

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