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Asking an Erudite for Optical Proof

From : Name: Hans Georg, Status: other, Grade: other, Location: Outside U.S., Country: Sweden
Sent: Sunday, August 31, 2014 11:52 AM
To:/Subject: Ask-A-Scientist Question
Has optical confirmation been given for Earth rotating Sun?

The option that stellar parallax as observed from or near Earth has done so is hampered by the fact it depends on an astrophysics in which, unlike older theories (Medieval and Early Modern) stars etc. are just bodies and just moved by physical powers.

One more purely optical might be observing apparent zig zag of a space mission from an Earth shifting place in and out of origo of it, or observing independently same stellar distances by parallax oberved from Mars.

Has any such thing been done?

From : Ask-A-Scientist
31/08/14 à 19h21
To: Hans Georg (etc.)
Your question is incomplete, or we do not understand the context. We cannot answer your question as submitted.

Your question is incomplete and you need to provide more information. The problem may be one or more of the following:

  • 1) You have not provide enough background information so we understand what you already know.
  • 2) Your question is too vague to address and we need specific guidelines to address your request.
  • 3) You have not provided enough information to understand what you are requesting.
  • 4) In submitting your question, you have left out one or more of the following: status, grade, location, country which is important for our scientists to adjust their answers.
  • 5) We need to know why you are asking this question, so we can justify the time and effort to reply. The reason for the question is not clear to us.

Please re-word or elaborate and re-submit at our web site. Do not reply to this message.

From : Name: Hans Georg, Status: other, Grade: other, Location: Outside U.S., Country: Sweden
"At 05:25 AM 09/01/14, you wrote:"
It has come to my attention that if one could imagine angels were somehow moving not just planets but also stars around space, parallax as observed from Earth or from near to Earth would NOT be proving either that Earth moved around the Sun, nor how far the stars were. In a Heliocentric perspective, the 0.76 arcseconds observed as to alpha Centauri would be of a triangle with apex in star and a side along Earth's orbital axis around the Sun (known distance). But in a Geocentric perspective, the apex would be on Earth and a side along the star's own axis of movement (unknown distance).

So ... has Heliocentrism been optically confirmed in some other way?

Have stellar distances been confirmed by observing parallax from Mars?

Has Earth getting in and out of a locality in space been confirmed by observing Earth from the space probes? Or by visually observing the probes going in an apparent zig zag, as Earth were itself moving in and out of the place from where the straight line would look like a straight line?

And why would this question be answered differently if I were nine years old and in grade three or when I am (as is the case) 45 and have studied at university (though not astronomy)?

NEWTON / Nathan A. Unterman
02/09/14 à 11h42
Re: Ask-A-Scientist Question
Angels fall outside of our domain.

From me to NEWTON / Nathan A. Unterman
02/09/14 à 13h07
Re: Ask-A-Scientist Question
Angels were NOT what I was asking about. They were part of the occasion, since you asked for the occasion.

What I WAS asking about, as you will find by rereading the question is:

  • have stellar distances as "measured by parallax" been confirmed by parallax on Mars (whether Geocentrism or Heliocentrism are true, Mars would have a parallax)

  • has movement of Earth in and out of a place, the supposed reason for observed parallax according to Heliocentrism, been confirmed by either seeing Earth as filmed from Apollo 10, or by observing Apollo 10's straight line outward in an apparent zig zag due to observer moving in and out of place?

That and that only is my actual QUESTION.

Hans Georg Lundahl

date : 04/09/14 à 16h00
objet : NEWTON Ask A Scientist Program
[replying to my second above, the one in which I state I have studied at University though not astronomy and am 45, just so it be noted ...]

You need to enroll in an astronomy course. We can not answer because your background is too limited.

[No shit! I thought their service was supposed to be mainly for guys still in compulsory school and gals as well! They haven't taken University courses in Astronomy either!]
Inter nos latinistas dictum
Mihi videtur illi aliquid carere de primordiali educatione antequam de hac re disputandum sit: sicut lectura, exempli gratia, alicuius Riccioli, Jesuitae et Astronomi. Pagina ducentesima quadragesima septima exordiens, finiens autem pagina ducentisima quinquagesima est caput primum sectionis II libri IX, quæ sectio II intitulatur De Motoribus et Motis Cælorum, quod autem caput I intitulatur An Cæli aut Sidera Moueantur ab Intelligentijs, An verò ab intrinsecò à propria Forma vel Natura.

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