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Speculation on how King David composed - correspondence with Michael Levy

HGL to Michael Levy
by a contact page on the blog he linked to
On Thu, October 2, 2014 8:53 am
Do you think King David tried out melodies on his harp and then chose certain ones that were both beautiful and easy to sing?

I know, that when I was in Sysslebäck, I had a Missal with some neumata (neumoi) on a score, I translated it to modern notation, tried it on a guitar I had borrowed and had an antiphon.

Hans Georg Lundahl
Michael Levy
03/10/14 à 17h58
Re: Contact Form Email
Hi Georg,

Thanks for writing! In answer to your questions, almost certainly so - this is how new music has and always will be composed. Spectacularly, it is actually possible to hear some of the actual melodies David once wrote, according to the life's work of the late Suzanne Haik Vantoura!

Vantoura managed to decipher the musical meaning of the mysterious accents (the "Te Amim"), which were attached to the oldest surviving texts of the Hebrew Bible, after realizing they actually represented transcriptions of chironomy gestures - chiromomy was an ancient form of musical notation practiced in ancient Egypt, whereby specific hand gestures represented specific changes in pitch. Here is my detailed blog on the subject:

Michael Levy - Composer for Lyre : THE ORIGINAL 3000 YEAR OLD MUSIC OF THE BIBLE REVEALED?

Best wishes,

HGL to Michael Levy
04/10/14 à 15h58
Re: Contact Form Email
Thank you very much!

Hans Georg

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