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Correspondence with Dwight Longenecker on PewSitters

1) New blog on the kid : In Memoriam Willy Herteleer, 2) Correspondence of Hans Georg Lundahl : Correspondence with Dwight Longenecker on PewSitters

My original comment
on contact form
to Dwight Longenecker
[blog list as website, plus comment:]

I am still looking for the article about Wilhelm Herteleer's burial on PewSitters which was offensive against the "bum".

I think you got one thing wrong about that site.

It rather than having "shadowy editors" it has none. It is a service called a blog ring or site ring.

[I was not quite right, as you will see later, but ...]

Anyone visiting the main site will see lots of updates from all includeded blogs or sites. In return, each blog or site links to the main site and there is a widget showing last updates from other blogs or sites included in it.

That is my impression of what Pewsitters is, and would explain, if Mark Shea joined it, that his polemics against PewSitters was also shown.

Otherwise, there was really a human editor of the main site somewhere who linked to it.

But I really think barking at pewsitters is barking at the wrong level. It is ONE of the included bloggers (I would like to know which one, I have a little guess about Eponymous Flower / [anonymised on this blog post], who once in a FB discussion confronted me with having heard "reliable eywitnesses" call me a drunkard, which these "reliable" men do simply because I live somewhat like the late Pilgrim Willy).

A blog ring is a good idea. While I had MSN Group Antimodernism (defunct as such with all other MSN Groups february 2009), one item on it was "newest entries" and listed the newest in chronological order irrespective of where I had else filed them. I'd like one for my thirty odd blogs, for this item.

PewSitters is simply so large by now, it includes one little rotter (you know where my guess is, I am not sure if it is right, I have not found the article).

I dislike Bergoglio a lot, but not over this move, nor about trying to get works for employees. St Thomas said Antichrist would do some good, partly thanks to his guardian angel. Doing no good to anyone and still getting power is simply not possible.

And of course, the move was very probably totally as Ratzinger (whom I have a feeling of disappointment about) would have done, he was born on St Benoît Joseph Labre's day and probably, through a misunderstanding at Labre-Haus in Trier, contributed to maroon me into the vocation of St Benoît Joseph or of the late Willy.

What I was confronted with was a proposition it was sth like my duty to accept their help to get out of vagabondage, and I said vagabondage was as such not wrong since it was the very vocation of their very patron saint. But I did not say it was as such my vocation.

Hans Georg Lundahl

DL to me
05/03/15 à 13h20
Re: A comment from Hans Georg Lundahl
Thank you for your email.

The “shadowy editors” are various readers who submit links to the website, but someone, somewhere is responsible for the irresponsible headlines they use.

My criticism of them was the misleading, derogatory and uncharitable headlines.

All best,

Me to DL
05/03/15 à 19h08
Re: A comment from Hans Georg Lundahl
Are you sure the headlines are not simply the headlines of the links? As on site before it gets to them?

Because in that case, the headline problem falls back exactly onto the individual blogger whose headline it was.

The link to Mark Shea's answer was given with his headline, for instance./HGL

DL to me
05/03/15 à 20h56
Re: A comment from Hans Georg Lundahl
Yes an editor writes the headline

Fr. Dwight Longenecker
[adress removed as per request]

Me to DL
05/03/15 à 21h44
Re: A comment from Hans Georg Lundahl
Ah, you checked that how?

How do they get time, for one? I mean if that many blogs are getting entries there?

DL to me
05/03/15 à 22h54
Re: A comment from Hans Georg Lundahl
They have a team of volunteers who send in the links with the headlines

Fr. Dwight Longenecker

Me to DL
06/03/15 à 10h08
Re: A comment from Hans Georg Lundahl

Because, I thought it functioned as a blog ring and site ring. Each member blog, each member site gets all its new posts (with the titles each of them sets unmodified) linked to on the site. It's of course voluntary to enroll your blog there, someone is probably weeding out unfit applications and blogs having either abused confidence or simply not being "Church news driven" enough, but as long as blog is enrolled there the blogger gets his link for each post and with the title he put himself.

On the other hand ... I think I'll just ask them and check./HGL

[Didn't ask, but checked otherwise]

Me to DL again
06/03/15 à 10h21
I think you were right
Become a Pewsitter News Clipper

Our goal is to enlist several hundred "News Clippers", who are daily web surfers and news readers, to send us relevant stories of importance to augment our existing news gathering system.

In other words, one of several hundred (if such a goal is by now close to being reached) had the bad culture of calling Willy a bum and bad judgement (possibly, I am not sure whether the spot of his burial is usually reserved for bishops, like a certain crypt in St Peter's for Popes, or whether it is just a good grave in a spot where many bishops also have gotten a burial).

Perhaps the one who set the headline "bum-Church" has already been fired or dismissed as "News Clipper".

Anyway, Mark Shea's reaction has (perhaps by same News Clipper) also been linked to.

Which puts them in a somewhat more honest league than David Palm and Mark Shea who, when I react to certain of their writings, simply ignore my responses.*

Hans Georg Lundahl

* Or, in David Palm's case, respond by private mail.

DL to me
06/03/15 à 18h17
Re: I think you were right
Yes, one of the clippers chose the news piece and wrote the headline but the people who run PewSitter did not object to it.


Me to DL
06/03/15 à 21h04
Re: I think you were right
Object to it, no. Not in public.

Publish the objection of Mark Shea, yes.

The news clippers are not working under constant supervision, as far as I can see the description of their work.

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