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Correspondence with Sungenis on My Affairs

"Sungenis" in the following headings stands for Robert Sungenis.

Sungenis to me
13/03/15 à 21h38
Gift for you

I noticed that you said you did not have a copy of GWW.

Do you have an address I can send the three volumes to, as a gift to you? I'd be happy to do so. You are a scholar in your own right, and you've got a pretty strong will to boot :)

Also, since this issue is pertinent, I've attached a PDF of the portion of GWW that deals with the Pius VII and Settele affair. I thought you might enjoy it for bedtime reading.

What is your physical situation? I mean, do you have a place to call your own. Where are you located? Can I help you in any way?


[Attached file on Pius VII and Anfossi affair, not yet read]

Me to Sungenis
14/03/15 à 11h16
re: Gift for you

I have no place where I know beforehand I can sleep. OK, I could call homeless shelters such a place, since I theoretically have sth like 75% assurance if I phoned I would be accepted, BUT I also know that though I get good food there and it's warm, I am not sure of getting even any sleep, so I avoid them.

I am however endowed with a snail mail adress, as many homeless are, and last year of the one before one Lynch who is nephew of a deceased Holy-Ghost-Father sent me St Patrick after the Ancient Narrations. I kept it and read it and then sent it to ma, which made her happy.

Now, carrying a book in the bag is soemwhat heavy, so if there are three volumes, I'd appreciate if you send one at a time, and wait till I tell you I have sent it to ma or someone else or donated to a library (which I will obviously only do after reading it myself).

Unless of course you prefer to take the offer of publishing my essays on topic though my solution differs from you in details and wait with sending me the books till I can pay an appartment or buy a caravan (supposing I marry someone with a driver's licence or who knows how to conduct horses) where I can keep all three.

And of course, when it comes to income, your violinist son could contribute too by playing my compositions.

In both cases royalties are according to my long standing offers voluntary, but I count on your not being stingy.

Now, as to my present mail adress, it is (at Salvation Army):

ESI St Martin
27 ter Bd de St Martin
75003 Paris

Will look at the pdf too now.

Hans Georg Lundahl

[Did not yet keep the last promise, lack of internet time.]

Sungenis to me
14/03/15 à 14h21
Re: Gift for you

I see what I can do. I'm off to Mexico and will be back late next week.

Do you know French? If so I need translation work, and I would pay you for it.


Me to Sungenis
14/03/15 à 15h19
Re: Gift for you
My work is writing, not translating.

Yes, I know French, more than the French will give me credit for. But translation is dryer work than writing, I want to stay in my own business.

My offer to you or your publisher as well as to anyone else (i e a non-exclusive offer) is here:

My offer to your son, equally non exclusive, is top link on this main index page:

One week
no reply.

Me to Sungenis
21/03/15 à 11h10
Is this why you (if it was you?) discounselled your son from playing my music?*
For now it is Lent, from tomorrow even passion weeks, so now is not the issue.

But I gave him an offer, he did not reply, someone, possibly the father whom he trusts, is obviously counselling him not to have anything to do with me.

Now, the problem with such an association is of course, I have not been dabbling into the occult to compose, and I am not writing Heavy Metal even, or even rock.

So, I am being boycotted by music élite here, possibly because I specified not to use for charities that promote abortion (Téléthon which i targetted is about as promotion aborting as March of the Dimes), possibly because of a well known pianist and 33:rd degree mason being a camp survivor and some such people thinking I need to accept their version (and completely so) of what happened on every level and not just where they were witnesses because victims (e g of humiliations or of people getting marched off to presumably be gassed - which I consider may have been a recurrent scare tactic), possibly because of some gypsy superstition against composing music on the paper - which is what I do. Or did.

At the same time, Evangelicals who knew I prayed the Rosary before composing (and whose prayers may have contribited to my hardly praying any rosaries any more, being too tired and carnal by now, also not composing last year), may have considered THAT as delving into the occult, and may then have spread the suspicion in general terms (but not specifying the Rosary's role in their suspicions) so that Catholics ALSO should suspect me of composing under diabolical control.

As usual, if you reply, you can count on correspondence being disclosed, if I find it interesting enough.

But it is also this, some people have decided they owe me a lesson, I hope you are not among these, but I am not totally betting on it.

Hans Georg Lundahl

* Note : I had forgotten giving the offer in view to the father a week earlier and was thinking of a previous time. About a year earlier. Or was concerned about the week's non reply. I can't recall which, I often sleep in places where I am deprived of sleep, thank God not this night.

Sungenis to me
22/03/15 à 02h54
Re: Is this why you (if it was you?) discounselled your son from playing my m...

I don't know what you're talking about. You really need to stop the suspicion and speculation. I wish you well, my friend, and I hope you accomplish what you want.

God speed.


Me to Sungenis
22/03/15 à 18h00
Re: Is this why you (if it was you?) discounselled your son from playing my m...
I'd like to stop suspecting and speculating, but admit if I give a good offer, never hear a word about why it is supposed to be bad from the other guy's p o v and miss lots of time of my life over the guys not taking it, I consider SOMEONE may have given them counsel adverse to me, right?

And whom would they rather listen to than their fathers?

Hans Georg Lundahl

Sungenis to me
23/03/15 à 03h02
Re: Is this why you (if it was you?) discounselled your son from playing my m...
Except this time you're wrong :)

I never said a word to my son about you.

Me to Sungenis
23/03/15 à 09h31
Re: Is this why you (if it was you?) discounselled your son from playing my m...

Between me and readers
In that case also Robert did not transmit the link at the end of the "Gift for you" correspondence, which I sent the 14th of March./HGL

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