Wednesday, 8 April 2015

And he Said "rozumiesz?"

1) HGL's F.B. writings : Latin and Conlangs, Featuring Alcuin, 2) More on Post-Alcuinic Latin, 3) My Real Friends on FB are Those who Allow me to Repost, 4) Correspondence of Hans Georg Lundahl : And he Said "rozumiesz?"

I did understand that, so I am not notifying him on this one again, I already told him before, if he answered, he could count on being published.

The kind of shouting and nagging I have been dealing with is sth he typefies. Note well, I am leaving him anonimous, as he wanted.

All of below on Wednesday in Easter Week, 8-IV-2015.

[notified CdCC, RW and TK, this one is with CdCC]

HGL's F.B. writings: My Real Friends on FB are Those who Allow me to Repost

stop stalking me, please and I hope you do know what consent and friendship really mean because you don't seem to understand it.
  • 1) I am not stalking you, this was a notification;
  • 2) I don't seem to understand how to be YOUR friend, so? Did I seem as if I wanted to?
  • 3) If you answer, count on it being published.

You see, I have lots of people who are REALLY stalking me about this or that or sundry thing they disagree with me about, including both the linguistic questions we discussed AND my having disappointed Chris Ferrara (who is NOT my friend), so, they want me to get confronted with their arguments without having to do so themselves, I want them to get confronted with my answers. That is why I consider it a waste of my already much stolen time (by them, not you) if an interesting discussion (of general interest) cannot be shared with the public so everyone who reads me can see how stupid they are.

you are stalking me by making fun of my beliefs and thinkings on your blog. please, stop teasing me, my friends and delete your blogposts, otherwise I will report you to authorities and/or blogger.

you are being a nuisance and publishing things I post without my explicit consent.

report if you like. I made fun of very little of your beliefs, I basically answered when you were trying to make fun of mine. Your attitude is btw very far from hip, it's more like bourgeois and, let's put it like this : Opus Dei. The Puritan or even "Calvinist" Catholics. You are btw perfectly free to retaliate in kind, but it seems you know you lost the debate.

Still you made fun, no one made fun of your beliefs.

And do not label me as Opus Dei because they made a lot of problems in my country.

Btw I don't do shaming in public. It is not my style. Learn some manners, too.

If you retaliated, I would not consider it shaming. If I was trying to shame anyone, it was not you, it was rather my coutryman TK. I did not say you were Opus Dei, I did say you had as bourgeois and hyperstrict values as they. And I have known three of them. Btw, as to learning some manners, the guys who agree with you about me are exactly the kind of guys I consider myself to be discreetly stalked by.

If it can be of any consolation, there is on the blog another debate on top of the linguistic one.

HGL's F.B. writings: On the Greatest Philosophers - who's that?

i will be polite with this one: leave me alone and do not talk to me ever again, rozumiesz?


  1. Recall what the guy said a bit earlier to the Swede TK?

    That is why I love Sweden, TK (but what about Halfeti, Rize, Constanta, Chisinau, L'viv, Gdansk?). They probably brainwashed me and took the Hispanic-Catholic (and Chilean nationalistic) culture out of me.

    I have had spam attacks in my guestbook from precisely Chisinau.

    I have readers in Ukraine (where Lviv is). And I have readers in Poland (where Gdansk/Danzig is).

    Halfeti is in Turkey, and yes, I have readers in Turkey too. On fifteen blogs, of the six major ones, Turkey was on top ten of four of them : and of nine minor ones, on top ten of 8 of the nine. Rize is also in Turkey.

    So, I wonder if CdCC has been involved in some kind of plot of "getting to know me/my positions" (through reading of my blogs), while doing so outside France where I reside, so that I shall as little as possible risk getting readers who might be sympathetic, and while at same time engaging in brainwashing to rid people of anything that reminds them too much of Hispanic Catholic culture.

    When and if people in Turkey or Poland (under Communists) or Ukraine or Moldova or Roumania learn of the Conquistadors, how many of them learn of the fact that the worst Indian haters and Indian exploiters among them were corrected by Spanish justice? How many know, for instance, that Pizarro was killed by Spanish soldiers after having been deposed from Viceroyalty of Peruvian colony and declared an outlaw? And that of course his successor was more decent to Indians than he was?

    English have seen to it that La Leyenda Negra has become widespread, and Prescott has not had a great readership last century. At least not among leftists.

  2. making fun of my beliefs

    I don't know which belief he means.

    If he means the belief language communities that are only oral deserve to be preserved, I was not making fun of it.

    I did say that without writing they would not preserve their language very probably intact - or, alternatively, metric poetry. The community will still be there five hundred years, if it is preserved, but its language will have changed. Metric poetry and written literature are preserving and change slowing measures for a language.

    My stance for Latin is not that everyone should learn Latin and noone speak anything else. On the contrary, I think Latin is less damaging for oral speech communities than say written languages more closely related to the speech than Latin is. The French patois as well as regional non-French languages have suffered more from Standard French than from Latin, more since the time of the Ordonnance de Villers-Cotterêts 6 September (my birthday) of 1539 BUT EVEN MORE since the Compulsory education of Third Republic, than they suffered before Alcuin.

    Even Ordonnance de Villers-Cotterêts was pretty tolerable insofar as Standard French imposed by it was a written language with local pronunciations, much like Latin had been before Alcuin uniformised the pronunciation in a particular official context.

    But Jules Ferry made sure teachers from Lille to Oran past Marseilles and from Strassburg to Brest had been formed to pronounce French much the same and authorised to punish those pronouncing it differently. THAT is if anything as hateful to me, or more so, as it is to CdCC.

    Foundation for Endangered Languages

    Apart from that red herring, I cannot see how I made fun of anything he actually declared to be cherished by him. When it comes to his Hippie values, I was simply saying he was a square. And not in a Christian sense.

  3. Even better : it seems Villers Cotterêt was an act made to replace inadequate Latin with adequate French, much as after the Plague inadequate French had been replaced by adequate and therefore also Frenchified English.

    Acts to replace regional languages in France with French were made afterwards without referring to it, and many Jurists never made a connection.

    By the way, I don't know what Latin "debotare" means, I suppose it is a misspelling of "debitare" or a loan from "débotter", I don't know which of them.