Friday, 10 April 2015

With Sungenis on Settele-Anfossi Affair

Proemium : With Sungenis on Settele-Anfossi Affair · W. Sungenis/Palm on Anfossi-Settele and Bruno : part I of V · part II of V · part III of V · part IV of V · part V of V

Sungenis to me
13/03/15 à 21h38
also cited earlier corresp.
Gift for you

I noticed that you said you did not have a copy of GWW.

Do you have an address I can send the three volumes to, as a gift to you? I'd be happy to do so. You are a scholar in your own right, and you've got a pretty strong will to boot :)

Also, since this issue is pertinent, I've attached a PDF of the portion of GWW that deals with the Pius VII and Settele affair. I thought you might enjoy it for bedtime reading.

What is your physical situation? I mean, do you have a place to call your own. Where are you located? Can I help you in any way?


[ Pius VII and Canon Settele.pdf (2455.1 Ko) ]

Me to Sungenis
10/04/15 à 12h46
Reading but not bed time
I had perhaps too hastily assumed Pius VII was as eager to get away from Middle Ages as Gregory XVI.

He was in bad health?

Blessed Easter,
Hans Georg Lundahl

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