Saturday, 19 March 2016

A correspondence with a fishy FB page called Scholasticum

Their page
Catholic Church · Educational Organization · Charity Organization

Me to Page
Sat 6:43pm
I suppose you are in general philosophy thomistic, except for some scoticism on principium individuationis (me too, haecceitas rocks).

But how Thomasic are you on questions like angelic movers?

HGL's F.B. writings : Debating with Sungenis, Mainly

Page to Me
Wed 11:20am
This FB page is for the Institute: regarding particular theses of Saint Thomas or Bonaventure, you have to contact our instructors. However, Its not in harmony with Scholasticism to deny the equivocity or multivocity of terms; that denial rather is a modern error.

Me to Page
Wed 1:16pm
was I denying multivocity of terms like "idea"?

(ante rem, in re, post rem)

as to your instructors, why not forward our correspondence?

Page to Me
Wed 5:41pm
You misunderstand. The FB page is for publicity, to public relations right now. Perhaps in the future, though.

As for multivocity, if you did not deny it, then we did not say you denied it.

check out his last line!]

Me to Page
just after
OK, and the person DOING this publicity has no relation otherwise to the instructors?

I happened to think that was a usual procedure?

Page to Me
Thu 6:16pm
No, I am not a member of the Faculty, only a lowly FB volunteer.

Me to Page
just after
I was not saying YOU were a member of the Faculty.

I am saying you have THEIR contact information.

If not, I think you were somewhat stupid to volunteer.

Page to Me
Fri 2:49pm
Right now we are very busy with the many things regarding starting and founding and setting up an institute, we don't have a PR person to answer questions from the net....sorry...

Me to Page
Fri 7:20pm
WELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL .... if you know the faculty members THAT well, you also are able to forward and see if one can make a kind of exception.

Page to Me
St Joseph's Day, 8:40am
Dear Mr. Lundahl, no, we cannot make such an exception, we have much greater responsibilities at this time. Thank you.

Me to Page
Oh, a scholastic with "greater responsibilities" than answering questions.

VERY interesting.

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