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Some Comments on Geocentrism Not Published, So Far

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The largest structure in the observable universe, or cosmic variance?
19/06/14 à 10h44, in answer to commenter
"How big must God be? Need to come up with a not yet invented word to replace "big" in the question."

The problem that standard cosmology accepters seem to have if Theist is that they seem to think "the bigger the universe, the bigger the God who created it".

God certainly is present at any point of the Universe, and yet He is not extended in it and therefore not bigger if it is bigger or smaller if it is smaller.

A solution might be Geocentrism and small universe and this just one of the things pointing to it?
John Gideon Hartnett
The Cosmological Principle and geocentrism
June 19, 2014 at 6:37 pm
There is no difficulty here as already explained above. God is describing in the text all that is happening from the perspective of the agents on Earth. When God supernaturally stopped the heavens moving all He had to do (with little effort on His part) was stop the Earth spinning for one day. The passage of time of the one day is not determined by the Earth’s rotation but by the flow of time itself. God must have suspended inertia in the Earth itself to effect this.

That might account for verse 13, except for what Cardinal Bellarmine stated in the 1616 trial (over the book, not the man).

The Moon ALSO stopped.

Even further: modern cosmology has one full circle of the earth in absolute space as a few minutes shorter than one day. Namely, a stellar day. So, stopping the earth would involve some remaining movement of the sun AND – this is what St Robert pointed out – even more so of the Moon.

Sun and Moon would not have stopped still.

But my main difficulty is that you are not at all adressing verse 12. The words of Joshua while he performs the miracle.

This is not a description adressed to whatever understanding or lack thereof an astronomically uneducated reader might have.

It is an order to the angels who are – under God – running the Sun and Moon through the universe.

If the movement to be stopped had been that of earth, the order would have been adressed to the earth.

Commands followed by real divine miracles are not formulated as actual and factual falsehoods about the process.

And you are – for next time if you answer – wrong about certain details of the Galileo process.

One tidbit thereof: “the Church had supported Galileo and his work” … well, Heliocentrism was not all he had been doing!

His telescope was used by Clavius to partly confirm what he had said about the Milky Way – and that part, though Clavius thought he was scientifically wrong, remained uncondemned. His experiments in physics were supported as well. What has come to the fore is that these might have involved an atomism which might have been in conflict with the Dogm of Transsubstantiation. IF that is true, his being tried for a much lesser suspicion of Heresy (it is Corpus Christi feast today) was a way of saving him from the stake. A heresy about the Body and Blood of Our Lord was a much more serious matter. IF Galileo was suspect of anything like that, THEN the trial he was put through saved his life.
John Gideon Hartnett
Cosmology is Not Science
June 19, 2014 at 10:11 pm
In reality, cosmology is what we call historical science, because it tries to reconstruct the past history of the Universe from observations we make today.

Cosmo-GONY is historical. Cosmo-GRAPHY is how the cosmos is contemporaneously.

Like if it has a centre, where it is and so on.

That too is not immediately “observational science” – except if you base it on the observations we do have: earth being still, heavenly bodies moving around earth.

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