Monday, 16 June 2014

With Christopher Dombrowski on Nauendorff and Genetic Testing

Wednesday 2:20am
Hans-Georg, I have some questions for you about certain goings-on in the Legitimism group. Do you mind?
Wednesday 12:25pm
Go on? I am posing or answering questions much of the time.
Wednesday 1:45pm
Ah, you are in another time zone. Well, guess I'll have to wait some time for your Qs ...
Friday 11:32pm
Do you remember the numerous comments you made on a particular post in May? One of them was:

""Nos peines seraient bien épargnées si les descendants de Louis XVII se manifestaient avec des preuves indiscutables à l'appui, n'est-ce-pas ?"

On pourrait faire un test génétique pour le Nauendorff et les restes de Louis XVI. Tant que je sache, ça n'a pas été fait tant que tellement d'autres prélèvements l'ont été."
Saturday 8:42pm
I do not recall the particular post. I do not recall the exact context of the first quote, unless I was quoting someone. I do very much recall recommending - now that tests have anyway been made on the head of Henri IV and the necktie of Louis XVI - asking oneself if the Nauendorff claim has the support of genetic evidence. To the best of my knowledge that has not been done. I can imagine a legitimist being against it because he is against such tests. I did not positively recommend that such tests be done. But I can see no reason why Nauendorff should be excluded from such testing. To any legitimist who accepts such tests, getting clarity about the Nauendorff claim by such would seem a very legitimate priority.
Monday a few seconds ago
I was of course referring to "les peines" mentioned in a 19th C. prophecy.* Which someone else was quoting but not believing as to the Nauendorff related part. Remembered it a bit after writing above.

And as for them [the comments, counted technically] being numerous, sometimes my internet connexions are such that I am better off posting each part of an answer as it comes to mind than writing a long one and perhaps having it lost in the last moment.

* Actually I wasn't, I was quoting, as I first thought./HGL

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